Word Wildlife Day

Did you notice?


Yesterday was World Wildlife Day…

It feels, that celebration went rather unnoticed.

The UN website says “The fate of the world’s wildlife will soon be in the hands of the next generation.” I must disagree. The fate of the world’s wildlife, the fate of us, and the fate of us in our hands, besides natural forces. I think we should do everything we can, to stop loss of diversity due to human activity, such as deforestation, overpopulation, and resource extraction.

On one hand, there are efforts to clone woolly  mammoth and the passenger pigeon from preserved DNA, on the other hand we loose probably more than one species a day.

I have never seen a passenger pigeon. It was once the most common bird in North America. Due to deforestation and overhunting, passenger pigeons disappeared from the wild. In 1914 the last member of this species died in captivity. Her name was Martha.

R.W. Shufeldt, Osteology of the Passenger Pigeon

At that time nobody bothered to breed  and maintain the species. That was a mere 100 years ago.

Have we changed our attitude towards preserving wildlife?


World Wildlife Day goes by largely unnoticed.

We have bigger fish to fry. Grow the economy, border up the country, go to Mars…

One Man's Paradise

World Photography Day

“The Earth is Art.

The Photographer is the Witness.”

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

It was 177 years ago that Louis Daguerre, originally a painter, found a way to fix images obtained with a camera obscura: Photography was born.

Did this change the world? You bet.

Do images today change the world? I am not sure.

I don’t want go into it today…

Let’s celebrate a great invention and hope that it will serve humanity well.


Tutshi Lake, Yukon

One Man's Paradise

Change the World

I’d love to change the world
But I don’t know what to do
So I’ll leave it up to you

Ten Years After

Today the governor of California ordered a 25 percent reduction in water use by cities and towns, but not farms, in reaction to the ongoing drought in the nation’s most populous state.

Bad Water, Death Valley, California

Bad Water, Death Valley, California

That’s one way of patching an obvious and enormous problem in the state. I believe it is symptomatic for our society. Instead of addressing the fundamental problem of overpopulation and the unrealistic expectation of perpetual growth, we try to apply a quick patch, until…

Until when? Until we find a real solution? There is no real solution to perpetual growth. It is impossible.

Large parts of California are desert by nature. In the long run we can’t beat nature, not with all the technology in the world. Instead of respecting nature we decided to put the largest agricultural industry and 40 million people in the desert, draining lakes and rivers, building dams and aqueducts in support of this man-made disaster.  I believe there is only one solution to this: A sustainable level of agriculture and population. The question is, who is willing to subscribe to and defend such a wildly unpopular position?

Was rock star Alvin Lee a visionary, when he wrote the above lyrics?