Note to self

Almost unbearable


A Kirlian cloud.

There is no such thing as a Kirlian cloud, but in the days of alternative facts…

Seriously, out of the blue, after a long dark winter there  is more light than darkness. Almost too much. Gone are the days, when it was easy to catch a sunrise, or there was plenty of night time to watch the Northern lights. More light than darkness. Now comes the time of filling the tank. No more frantic reading, excessive cooking and baking. Winter is over. Well, there is still snow coming down, ice on the road, strong winds, but I can feel it, that sun light. It’s going to put an end to another winter.

Aren’t you glad?


4 thoughts on “Almost unbearable

  1. What a remarkable cloud formation and certainly well captured. I can only imagine how your winter was with so little light up North, but me…..I’m looking forward to cooler days and then Winter.
    It’s been a long Summer here in Australia.

  2. I do so miss the ‘awakening’ time of spring in Alaska. Where the black and white world of winter slowly transforms the color of the aurora into the color of the landscape.

  3. Yes!! Yesterday we finally hit the 13-hours of daylight mark in my neck of the woods. Sooo ready for spring. I was thinking, if we’re at the plus-side in light-hours, warmer weather is sure to be on its way, right? Right?! It’s just gotta. I’m ready to recharge my cells and come out of hibernation for more than an hour or two.

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