Buckle down

Stormy days ahead around here. Time to stay put reading a good book. Or go out and catch some herring?

“In March the soft rains continued, and each storm waited courteously until its predecessor sunk beneath the ground.”

John Steinbeck

One Man's Paradise

You Know It’s Spring… [№ 2]

when you open your pantry and you realize the selection of delicious jam from last years berry harvest is dwindling. And those jars of dried mushrooms are disappearing, too.

There is still plenty of salmon in the freezer, but the next spawning season is months away. Around goes the cycle of consumption and replenishment .

Appreciating everything nature has to offer.

“Nature’s first green is gold.”

Robert Frost



Yellow skunk cabbage, Lysichiton americanum




A Country…

is not only what it does,
but also what it tolerates.

Kurt Tucholsky

Image result for kurt tucholskyKurt Tucholsky was born today 127 years ago. He wrote political and social satire warning against anti-democratic tendencies. His writing was censored, he was stripped of his German citizenship and died at age 45 in exile as a broken man.

He was a master of pointed, short remarks. He was prolific, wrote under many pseudonyms. He would have many followers on Twitter today…

Here is another great quote of this remarkable man:

“Nothing is more difficult and nothing requires more character than to find oneself in open opposition to one’s time (and those one loves) and to say loudly: No!”