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The 6th Great Extinction

Currently 100 to 1000  species go extinct every year according to a recent study in Science. The scientists describe this as the 6th Great Extinction. It has happened before, 90% of all species have disappeared 250 million years ago. I am sure, some will say “So what. There is nothing we can do about. It’s nature”. Maybe.

Gray Jay (Perisoreus canadensis)

Gray Jay (Perisoreus canadensis)

Loss of habitat was cited as the number one reason why species disappear. This is directly linked to human activity: construction and agriculture. So it is in our hands to do something. If we keep growing exponentially, we can watch at some point sparrows on the Discovery Channel archives, but not in the wild. I am sure, some people won’t mind. I think, this will be a poor, boring life when we have to go to the zoo, or turn on the telly to see wildlife.

I wish more people would go to their library and read this article.

The biodiversity of species and their rates of extinction, distribution, and protection

  • S. L. Pimm,
  • C. N. Jenkins,
  • R. Abell,
  • T. M. Brooks,
  • J. L. Gittleman,
  • L. N. Joppa,
  • P. H. Raven,
  • C. M. Roberts,
  • and J. O. Sexton

Science 30 May 2014: 1246752





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